Only few places in the world offer you diversity of options when it comes to your incentive travel programs and conference locations. Whether you seek adventure of a different kind or simply seeking a modern venue to host your next corporate meeting, Jordan is the place for you, with programs regularly updated to add excitement to your group’s experience and fully equipped banquet halls able to accommodate thousands at once.

We work diligently to match your needs with the most perfect of locations and venues for your company’s business or pleasure travel, ensuring your experience is truly one of a kind. We have created unique events for your group that range from adventure thrills to relaxing excursions, and it has also teamed up with numerous five-, four- and three-star hotels to bring you the best in banqueting and conference services. Our selection of fine hotels to suit your most discerning needs is compiled in a separate web page in our web site with comprehensive information to help you choose the venue for your next big event.


Jabal Amman 3rd Circle – Prince Mohammad Street – Baraka Complex #252 / Third Floor Amman - Jordan