Visit Madaba & Mount Nebo - Starting from Amman

Visit Madaba & Mount Nebo - Starting from Amman

Visit Madaba & Mount Nebo - Starting from Amman Daily - Half day tour

Half Day
Starting From $31

The King’s Highway makes you cross a part of the Terra Sainte, which is Madaba, “the city of mosaics.” Endless church steeples line the skyline of Madaba with infinite mosaics adorning their interiors. The most favorite destination is the Catholic Church of St. George that houses the famous mosaic map of the Holy Land. The map is the oldest in the world depicting holy cities and sites in Jordan, Syria, Egypt and Palestine. With more than 2 million mosaic fragments, this piece of art of 5 by 25 meters, reproduces hills, valleys and villages of the River Nile, the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea. Other pavements represent scenes of the mythology and a profusion of flowers, birds and fish, a revelation of art that reached its peak in the 5th and 6th centuries.

To the east, facing the oasis of Jericho is the memorial church for Moses crowning Mount Nebo, the place where Moses spent the last stage of his wandering and ultimately his life. The mountaintop memorial overlooks the Jordan Valley with a view of the Dead Sea, the River Jordan and, when the vision is clear, the roofs of Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

Tour Price include: Transfer using A/C tourist Vehicle & Entrance fees.

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